who are we?

Belgarde BVBA is a family-owned company and was founded as an independent firm in 1980.

Our family has a long history as entrepreneurs. Our ancestors moved in the 19th century from the Kleve region in Germany, where they owned a wood- and carpentry factory, to the Netherlands. In The Netherlands they established themselves in Millingen a/d Rijn, just across the border. Thanks to the developments that were taking place in that area, such as the introduction of brick factories, Hendrikus de Wild decided to start a construction company in the mid-nineteenth century. Small and big construction contracts were carried out by the company, highlighted by the construction of the port of Vlissingen. Hendrikus tragically died in an accident at this same place in 1876.

Hendrikus’s son Maurits completed the works on the port at the age of twenty. As a young man he came into contact with all the construction suppliers and their services. Because of his interests in construction he decided to take over an ironware company. Next he founded a brick trading company and bought a timber trading company. With these three companies in his ownership he was able to supply all the materials a construction company needed.

In 1911 Maurits sold both companies so that he could fully focus on ironware. This was followed by the foundation of two new branches in Utrecht (1931) and Rotterdam (1959). After the Second World War the company started to focus on tools used in municipal green areas, gardening and forestry, such as the first lawnmower with a two- and four-stroke engine. This department was still small when it was taken over by Joseph de Wild, a grandson of Maurits.

The company expanded and evolved from a national distributor into a European operating importer and is, since 1995, also a manufacturer of specialized machines with a rapidly expanding global network.

Nowadays Belgarde BVBA is a young and dynamic manufacturer, importer and distributor of premium products grouped under GTM ProfessionalSilky and Okatsune. With subsidiaries in The Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and with a factory in China, opened in 2009 and headed by Belgium managers we manufacture our own GTM products and export them worldwide.



In 2018, Belgarde will again participate in various exhibitions. Here you can get acquainted with our company, our representatives and our products. You are welcome at our booth!...